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In order for a project to proceed smoothly the appropriate consultants need to be appointed. During the development of the project you may need to consider the following external consultants depending on the scale and complexity of the project:

Topographical Survey
Larger and/or undulating sites may require the separate appointment of a topographical surveyor to set out the correct boundaries levels of a site.
Site investigations
Some sites may be contaminated due to landfill causing Methane and some sites will have Radon occurring naturally. Further studies will need to be carried by a specialist that can include a Desktop Study and/or and Intrusive Investigation.
Existing Buildings
Buildings considered for major alterations will need investigating by a Structural Engineer for structural soundness, in particular foundations for properties dating pre 1970’s.
Buildings pre 1980’s may have Asbestos present and if so, will need to be inspected carefully by a specialist. Dependant on the grade of the Asbestos and the proposed alterations, careful measured must be taken to remove the Asbestos completely by a Certified Company.
Construction Design & Management (CDM)
For most commercial development, you are obligated to appoint a competent and adequately resourced CDM Co-ordinator as required by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.
During the planning process you may be required to appoint an ecology consultant to determine the presence of protected species within the site eg. bats, greater crested newts.
Planning Consultants
On larger projects or projects which may be contentious, it may be advisable to appoint a planning consultant during the planning process.
Archaeological Consultant
An archaeologist may need to be appointed if the site is of historical interest or a listed building.
Arboricultural/Tree report
A tree survey will need to be carried out if there are mature trees/hedges either on the site or a neighbouring site which may affect or be affected by the proposals.
Structural Engineer
During the Design and Building Regulation process, projects involving large areas for spanning structure, multi storey or simply creating large structural openings in and existing wall, will require input from a structural engineer.
Energy Consultants
During the building regulation process, certain projects will require SAP/SBEM calculations to justify the thermal efficiency of the building and in some cases a project will need Air pressure Testing.
Services Engineer
Commercial and/ or larger domestic projects may require independent service engineers eg. mechanical/electrical engineers.
Party Wall Surveyors
If Party Wall Notices issued to neighbours end in a dispute it will be necessary to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor.
Environmental consultant
In extreme cases Consultants may need to be appointed to carry out surveys eg. Rights of Light, Noise, Wind, Sun Path, transport .

For Building Regulation Applications, we have a Partnering Arrangement with the National Local Authority Building Control (LABC) at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk), which is completely optional to Clients. This can be advantageous where fees can be negotiated and applications can potentially be fast tracked.

We have developed relationships with a considerable team of consultants that we regularly work with and can recommend on all aspects required. Should a specific consultant be required we can ascertain a fee proposal for your consideration; however, you are not obligated to use any of our affiliated consultants.

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